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Christchurch's Most Social Golf Club with Brand-New Clubhouse and Virtual Golf Simulators

Cnr of Breezes and Wainoni Road, Avondale, Christchurch 8041, NZ

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img1st Fairway
1st Fairway
img1st tee
1st tee
img2nd tee
2nd tee
img3rd fairway
3rd fairway
img3rd tee
3rd tee
img4th tee
4th tee
img5th tee
5th tee
img6th tee
6th tee
img7th tee
7th tee
img8th fairway
8th fairway
img8th tee
8th tee
img9th fairway
9th fairway
img10th fairway
10th fairway
img10th tee
10th tee
img11th tee
11th tee
img13th tee
13th tee
img13th fairway
13th fairway
img14th tee
14th tee
img15th tee
15th tee
img15th tee
15th tee
img16th tee
16th tee
img17th tee
17th tee
img18th green
18th green
img18th green
18th green
imgThe 19th
The 19th
imgThe 19th
The 19th

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