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Cnr of Breezes and Wainoni Roads, Christchurch, NZ

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Avondale Golf Club located on the corner of Wainoni and BreezesRoads, only 10 minutes from the central city in Christchurch. The course itself is a challenging par 70 layout measuring over 5000 metres. Tightly designed, with tree lined fairways this is not the golf course to miss fairways from the tee. Way-wood driving can often be the difference between a sold net 70, or returning a card reading net 80. The course layout is flat and provides an easy walking experience catering to all ages and abilities. However is widely commented that Avondale is one of the toughest finishing course is Canterbury with six of the last nine hole playing out of bound on the right of the fairway, culminating with the tough par 3, 18th generally playing 175 meters in the prevailing North east wind. Many great players have crumbled under the pressure of the 18th tee shot as the gallery gathers on the sunny deck of the 19th overseeing the 18th green. 

Avondale Golf Club would like to extend a warm welcome to anybody wishing to join as a member, host a tournament or play as a green fee player. We are open to all ages, genders and abilities. AGC has something to offer for everybody! 

The Avondale Links Company is the registered owners of the land occupied by the Avondale Golf Club Incorporated. 


The directors of the Links Company who are also trustees on behalf of the Incorporated Club are:

  • Paul Franklin
  • Val Mackay
  • Noel Hobson

Golf Club important info:

  • Patron: Noel Hobson
  • President: Dave Buchanan
  • Vice President:
  • Club Captain: Tawhi Taite
  • Vice Captain: Glenn Lloyd
  • Secretary: Maggie Wynyard 


  • Noel Hobson
  • Bob Brown
  • Tawhi Taite
  • Grant Nolan
  • Nick Kokkinidis
  • Glenn Lloyd      
  • Owen Ditford
  • Clare Hodges
  • Jay TeMoananui
  • Rod Hay
  • Joe McCrostie



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